Women Empowerment

Empowering women is empowering society, and thus we work with a mission to empower the underprivileged women in our community. We aim to reduce female foeticide, promote gender equality, and address various social-economical problems of women of our country. We work on the following aspects of women’s empowerment.

We work in the following areas

Support and Encouragement: We provide the necessary support and encouragement to women looking for financial ventures.

Gender Equality: Through various cultural programs, we promote gender equality. Building awareness on gender equality addresses female foeticide issues too.

Domestic Violence: We give legal and psychological support to women who are victims of domestic violence.

Women Literacy: Our organization promotes women's literacy so that the nation can become literate and progressive.

Training and Workshops: Women who want to work independently can undergo our free skill development training programs.

Women Health: Women's health has been a neglected area, and we spread awareness on various women's health-related issues.

Women Entrepreneurship: We support women entrepreneurs- especially from rural and urban areas, by creating awareness of various government aids and running accelerator & handholding programs for them. We encourage women in entrepreneurship, as it eventually strengthens the economy of the country and develops more jobs for women.

We organize health check up camps and distribute generic medicines among women.

We do workshops for women making them aware about social, political, legal, health issues, etc.

Our Work Impact


Women Enabled for Self Employment


Women Dedicated Members for Women Rights and Enabling Program


Girl’s Education Scholarship Provided