Rural Development

Pt Deendayal Upadhyay had devoted his whole life towards rural development. Rural India produces crops, grains, vegetables, enormous resources for all. However, still rural areas are deprived of many basic amenities and facilities. Lack of education is a major problem, along with many other challenges. We run awareness campaigns to help rural people to overcome the obstacles. We work in the following areas

We work in the following areas

Self-sufficiency is the most important thing for economic development. We spread awareness among the rural people to follow the models of self-sufficiency.

We have been actively educating children in rural areas for many years. Not only children, but we also run campaigns to educate adults.

Lack of knowledge and information causes financial damage. We educate the farmers on various farming activities. Nevertheless, we help them understand and facilitate multiple government schemes initiated to assist them in pursuit of various aspect of rural living.

In rural areas, we work to create awareness of the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials. Keeping the environment clean is crucial for economic progress and health safety.

Rural entrepreneurs have limited access to the facilities. We support entrepreneurs through encouragement, information, and education.

We often arrange workshops and cultural programs to aware people about the benefits of reducing the wastage of water. Our programs also include creating awareness of drinking safe and healthy water.

We educate the farmers on various micro-savings schemes and insurance policies for the benefit of their families. Helping the farmers to understand various government schemes makes the farmers self-sufficient.