The biggest way of serving the country is protecting nature and the environment. A healthy environment contributes to the healthier growth of the nation. Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay always had the vision to protect Mother Earth and natural resources so that humans and other living things on the earth can sustain themselves. Following his vision of protecting Mother Earth through maintaining cleanliness, also have been pioneering organization for various environmental conservation programs.

Our environment conservation programs include the following crucial activities:

For reducing plastic wastes, we run campaigns to make people aware of the fatal environmental impact of plastic waste. At the same time, we encourage and promote plastic recycling activities. Our activities also include convincing people to find plastic alternatives.

Our Sansthan has initiated the mass scale program of installing Reverse Vending Machines (RVM) at different places. We encourage people to drop plastic bottles in these machines so that plastic wastes can get recycled. The machines recycle the plastic wastes into fibres and fabrics that can be used for developing bags, mattresses, t-shirts, parachutes, pillows, etc.

For protecting Mother Nature, planting a tree is also crucial. A tree increases the presence of oxygen in the air while reducing the harmful carbon dioxide. At the same time, tree planting is crucial to prevent soil corrosion, climate changes, etc. We run tree-planting campaigns to spread awareness of the benefits of planting trees.

Responsible use of energy and embracing alternative energy sources can protect the earth from rapidly losing natural resources. We encourage people to use alternative energy sources. For example, solar and wind energy for agriculture and farming can be cost-effective. At the same time, it will play a major role in conserving natural resources.

we have launched and leading rainwater harvesting campaigns across rural and urban areas. We hold workshops to make people aware of the process of rainwater harvesting. At the same time, we run awareness campaigns to maintain safety for drinking water.

Global warming is the biggest concern for the environment today. We run awareness campaigns to prevent global warming. Moreover, we encourage people to use energy saver lamps and gadgets to reduce global warming. Our tree plantation program also works towards the reduction of global warming.

Our small effort towards tree planting helps the environment stay protected from pollution, soil corrosion, and other damages. We arrange events and workshops to make people aware of the ill effects of global warming and climate change.

Our Work Impact

1 Lac+

Dedicated Volunteers For Environmental Initiatives & Activities


Trees Planted


Plus Institutions & Organisation Partnered For Environment Conservation Program Across India